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We help you make sense of your scores for a real-world advantage.
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What Matters is Staying Connected and Protected.
We make it easy for you to proactively manage your credit.
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  • See All 3 Scores & Reports Instantly
    24/7 access lets you stay up to date on monthly changes from all three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.
  • Get Alerted To Changes
    Credit Monitoring and Alerts notify you of activity or changes on your credit reports that may need your prompt attention.
  • Understand Your Scores
    Online tools, ScoreCast™ and ScoreTracker™, help you analyze credit actions and track results month to month.
  • Safeguard Your Identity & Credit
    We offer up to $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance*  to help protect your good name and credit from identity thieves.
  • Detect & Correct Credit Errors
    Our Dispute Center offers insights on what should be challenged on your reports and how to navigate the dispute process.
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What Matters is Having the Facts.
We help you make sense of what can impact your scores and so much more.
FACT: 25% of Credit Reports Contain Some Type of Error
Are you paying higher interest rates than you should?
Have you been denied a loan, credit card, lease, or even a job?
  • Errors, outdated information, and fraud can lower your credit scores and make it tough to get approved or cost you thousands of dollars in higher interest rates.
  • We make it easy to check your updated reports and scores regularly, see how you may look to lenders, and dispute inaccuracies that need to be corrected.
FACT: 70 Million Americans Reported Stolen Data in 2014
Did you apply for a new credit card? Have a change of address or open a line of credit?
  • Unauthorized inquiries from companies you don't recognize may indicate fraud and should be addressed.
  • We make it easy to stay informed with credit report monitoring that alerts you to suspicious activity or changes: new credit inquiries and accounts, personal information changes, lost or stolen cards, and possible fraud.
FACT: Payment History Accounts for 35% of Your Credit Score
Are all of your payments being reported accurately?
Have you missed or been late on any payment?
  • A single late payment reported by your creditors, even in error, can lower your credit scores and will remain on your reports for up to seven years unless disputed.
  • We make it easy to track your scores month to month and keep an eye on your payment history by notifying you when delinquent payments or accounts placed for collection appear on your credit reports.
Helping you understand and safeguard your credit is about more than just delivering reports and scores. It's about equipping you to take real control of your credit. It's about knowing how you may look to lenders before you walk in the door. It's having the "score strength" to negotiate a great rate on a new car, get the affordable mortgage on your dream home, qualify for a personal loan – and meet life's unexpected financial challenges with a real advantage. To us, that's the real value.
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