About Us

America's Trusted Provider of Credit, Identity, and Family Protection Solutions

At ScoreSense®, we believe everyone should have access to the information that helps keep their finances and families secure. We've made it our mission to develop innovative, convenient tools that put you in control of your credit, protect you from identity theft, and reveal threats in your neighborhood.

Giving You Access to the Information You Need

Creditworthiness is critical to achieving your financial goals. We know that it can be a time-intensive, confusing process to track down your credit reports and scores from all three major credit reporting agencies. It's even more difficult to figure out how to resolve inaccuracies and protect yourself from fraud. So we made it easy: ScoreSense delivers your latest credit reports and scores each month, and alerts you anytime a change occurs. We even track your credit score progress and simulate scores based upon a range of potential future events.

But why stop at just credit? We want you to have access to all of the databases of information that help protect your family and your financial well-being. That's why a ScoreSense membership includes loads of features, including scores, reports, and continuous monitoring to detect threats to not only your credit but the ability to upgrade your product to protect your identity and family. With our identity monitoring product, you will receive alerts when identity thieves are targeting your personal information and steps to take to stop them. And with our family safety monitoring, you will be informed when registered sex offenders move nearby, along with details of their crimes and physical descriptions.

What Do Businesses, Government Agencies, Debt Collectors, Hackers, and Criminals Know About You?

ScoreSense makes sure that you're not the last to know when your personal information is being gathered and traded. We constantly scan millions of records and Internet sites on your behalf, searching for suspicious use of your personally identifying information. As a ScoreSense member, you're alerted quickly to potential threats, such as new accounts opened in your name, address or name changes, criminal records, and illicit trading of your credentials.

Other services only provide your credit file or indicate that your personal credentials have been compromised. ScoreSense goes above and beyond, providing advanced tools to assess the impact that these changes could have on you. Should you be worried about identity theft? What actions should you take? ScoreSense has the answers just a click away every time a new threat surfaces.